On the weekend of October 18 and 19, 2008, the IAIS hosted a series of trips headlined by the QJ class 2-10-2's to help the Salvation Army's flood relief efforts from the devistating floods this past June.

A freight was pulled by IAIS 6988 and IAIS 7081, consisting of about 66 cars totalling around 6000 tons. Once the double-headed freight arrived in Rock Island, the QJ's were split up and ran 4-car trips east to Silvis and west to near Walcott, IA. A dinner train wrapped up the evenings events on the 18th. On Sunday the 19th, the QJ's towed 10 passenger cars west to Iowa City, dropped the two business cars, and continued west to Newton where everything was put up at their home. Thanks to the IAIS, RDC, Salvation Army, and City of Rock Island for putting on a great show!
Doubleheaded QJ freight from Atalissa, IA to Rock Island, IL.
QJ Excursions in the Quad Cities.
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Doubleheaded QJ excursion departs the Quad Cities.
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