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History of the ''Hawkeye''
[!History of the ''Hawkeye''!]
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* 1949 - Rebuilt into an office car for the SLSF and renamed ''Tennessee''
* 1949 - Rebuilt into an office car for the SLSF and renamed ''Tennessee''.
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History of the ''Hawkeye''
[-Taken from history hung inside the car-]

* 1928 - Built as a dining car by the [[Wikipedia:St._Louis__San_Francisco_Railway | St. Louis - San Francisco Railway]] (aka, the Frisco) in their shops at Springfield, Missouri.
* 1949 - Rebuilt into an office car for the SLSF and renamed ''Tennessee''
* 1965 - Sold to the [[Wikipedia:Ontario_Northland_Railway | Ontario Northland Railway]] and renamed (sic) ''Moosinee''. (The car's history lists this spelling, but ONR's station is named ''Moosonee''.)
* 1981 - Sold to Mr. James Green of Texas Tank Car Works in San Angelo, TX. The car remained there and eventually suffered fire damage.
* 1988 - Sold to [[Wikipedia:MidSouth_Rail | MidSouth Rail]] and moved to Vicksburg, MS. After a complete renovation, the car was renamed ''Prospector''. During the rebuilding, the car received 3-axle trucks from an old [[Wikipedia:Illinois_Central | Illinois Central]] baggage car, a diesel generator, a new refrigerator and freezer, a 1000 gallon water tank, and accessories such as grab irons needed to bring it up to Amtrak standards. The car was stored in a climate-controlled shed in Vicksburg.
* 1994 - [[Wikipedia:Kansas_City_Southern | Kansas City Southern]] purchased [[Wikipedia:MidSouth_Rail | MidSouth Rail]]. The car was repainted in 1995, and renamed ''Arther E. Stillwell'', after the founder of the KCS.
* 2006 - Sold to Iowa Interstate after KCS built a new ''Arther E. Stillwell''. Given that the paint already matched Iowa Interstate colors, the car kept its KCS paint. The furniture was reupholstered.
* 2007 - Brake system was converted and trucks rebuilt. (Unsure exactly what the brakes were converted to, but this is all the sheet tells us.)
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