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  • As the last high hood geep operating on Iowa Interstate, 303 became a fan favorite near the end of its service. It often got referred to as the "Green Bean" or the "Green Weenie".
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IAIS GP9 #303

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Built:Aug 1956 (EMD)
Frame #:5453-27
Builders #:21712
IAIS Acqd:Jun 1986
IAIS Paint:Never

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Rept MarksFromToNotes
PWSX 303May 2005PresentPresent whereabouts unknown - may have been scrapped
IAIS 303???May 2005Exact renumbering date unknown, likely 1987
IAIS 1703Jun 1986??? 
PNC 1703???Jun 1986 
CO 6075Aug 1956??? 



  • 303 was a GP9 with 16-567-BC engine derated to 1500 hp
  • 303 had its short hood replaced with one off either IAIS 304 or IAIS 308 sometime between Oct 1987 and Jan 1988.
  • While never fully painted in any IAIS paint scheme, IAIS 303 did receive the IAIS stripe across both sides of the cab along with road numbers when it was partially repainted in Jun 2002. The cab sides had been rusty PNC green, and while 303 was in for a generator replacement, they repainted the cab sides IAIS yellow and added the stripe. When it was back for more generator work in Jan 2004, they repainted the yellow cab sides to green.


Standard Roster Shots

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