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  • IAIS 451 had dual control stands. Since it could be easily operated either direction, it was typically kept assigned to "The Rover", the local based out of Atlantic, IA.
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(:menulocation Motive Power:400s:451:)

IAIS GP8 #451

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Built:Apr 1952 (EMD)
Rebuilt:Dec 1969
Frame #:5192-2
Builders #:16406
IAIS Acqd:Feb 1985
IAIS Paint:Oct 1989

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Rept MarksFromToNotes
NIWX 9020Dec 2002???
SCFE 902019952002
IAIS 4511987Jan 1995Returned to Helm as part of 1994 power refinance
IAIS 7851Feb 19851987
ICG 7851Dec 1969Feb 1985Rebuilt to GP8 at Paducah and renumbered to 7951
IC 8851Apr 1952Dec 1969Built as GP7



  • 1985 - IAIS 7851 was stenciled with "Rock Island Line" on the engineer's side battery box.


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