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  • On Thursday, 11 Feb 2010, a Johnson County (Iowa) snowplow failed to yield at the Chambers Ave NW grade crossing outside Oxford, IA. 505, pulling BICB westbound, struck the plow truck in the passenger side. The two men in the plow survived with injuries, and IAIS 505 sustained significant front end damage including damage to the handrails, plow, cut lever, and lights. 505 was moved to NRE in Silvis for rebuilding and was returned to service on ???.
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IAIS Paint:Oct 2008
IAIS Paint:Oct 2008 (Phase V)
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(:menulocation Motive Power:500s:505:)

IAIS ES44AC #505

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Built:Jul 2008 (GE)
Builder #:59424
IAIS Acqd:15 Oct 2008
IAIS Paint:Oct 2008

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Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 50515 Oct 2008Present



  • All of IAIS's ES44ACs were built to CSX's ES44AH "heavy" specification at 432,000 lbs, and includes the high traction software modifications.
  • Unit was shipped from Erie, PA, in primer on 15 Aug 2008. It was painted into IAIS phase V paint at Mid-America Car in Kansas City, MO, during October 2008.
  • 505 arrived on IAIS and placed in service on 15 Oct 2008.


Standard Roster Shots

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