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[!Modeling IAIS 401 in HO!]
[!Modeling IAIS 401 in N!]
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N-scale model of IAIS 401 built between January - July 1995.

Extensively modified and detailed Like-Like low-nose GP18:
* Slope on nose flattened
* Fuel tank lengthened

* 36" fans (Gold Medal Models)
* Intake Grills (Gold Medal Models)
* Side Skirts (Gold Medal Models, Modified for correct notch placement)
* Handrail Stanchions (Gold Medal Models)
* Lift Rings (Gold Medal Models)
* Cab Sunshades (Gold Medal Models)
* Headlight Lenses (M.V. Products)
* Plow (Sunrise Enterprises)
* Bell (Sunrise Enterprises)

Scratchbuilt Details:
* Drop Step
* M.U. Connection and Hoses
* Uncoupler
* Speed Recorder (right front truck)
* Antenna
* Horn-Kitbashed from Sunrise Enterprises parts
* Air Filter Box
* Four New Exhaust Stacks (cast with Alumilite from the originals)
* Spark Arrestors (etched roofwalk cut to size)
* Rivet Plates under Fans
* Air Reservoir Piping
* Emergency Brake Stand
* Grab Irons-0.006" Brass wire
* Number Boards
* Paint and decals
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[!Modeling IAIS 401 in HO!]

More information on the prototype [[IAIS 401]]

''Contributed by Michael Petersen''

[!Michael Petersen's 401 Model!]
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