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* Other details added as listed in the Detail Parts section.
* Other details added as listed in the [[CommercialIAISModels | Detail Parts]] section.
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[!Modeling IAIS 600 in HO!]

More information on the prototype [[IAIS 600]]

IAIS GP38 600, with its extended cab face, is one of those units I just had to include in my IAIS roster. The best starting point for it is the Atlas Early GP38, with the undecorated version being Atlas item #9100. IAIS 600 has a 2600 gallon fuel tank, so use the smaller of the two provided by Atlas.

Modifications for IAIS 600 included the following:

* Horizontally shortened a Cannon #1901 paper air filter, splicing it into the forward end of the Atlas blank roof piece. Note that, as received by IAIS, 600 had a rectangular paper air filter such as that supplied in the Atlas late GP38, but an engine fire in 1999 or 2000 damaged the original filter box, so it was replaced. To represent the scars left behind by this repair, I spliced a section of styrene into the Atlas blank roof piece at the rear of the original filter location.
* Added the Atlas MU pocket bar on the rear pilot with the footboards removed.
* Using a new X-acto blade and a metal straight-edge, carefully scribe vertically down from both sides of the numberboards through the windshield and horizontally across the top of the numberboard until the windshield and numberboard assembly is freed from the Atlas cab. Fashion new 11" wide side extensions from styrene, and a roof extension from a spare Atlas cab (available for $2 from Atlas). Note that Cannon cabs aren't recommended for this application, since the dimensions and angles of the Atlas roof vary slightly from Cannon's.
* Other details added as listed in the Detail Parts section.

''Contributed by Joe Atkinson''

[!Joe Atkinson's 600 Model!]
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