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[!Freelance IAIS Models!]

Although the following models never existed on the IAIS, the creativity and modeling skills of the following modelers still deserve recognition.

[!GP60 in HO Scale!]

''Contributed by Roger Hunter''
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[!Alco RS3 in 1" Scale!]

* Britton Scale Models kit.
* Length: 56 inches.
* Width: 10 inches.
* Height: 14 inches.
* Weight: 256 pounds with both deep-cycle batteries installed.
* Drawbar Pull: 30 pounds on dry aluminum rail. Approximately 15% more on steel rail.

Each axle is powered by its own 24 volt motor. This makes the model very powerful for its size. I can easily pull up to 14 empty cars on level track. If I have passengers on board, then I can handle up to 8 cars with an adult on each car on level track. At one of the club tracks, I pulled a 4 car train with 4 people up a 2.2% grade, and that is not counting the car I was on and myself. Slowing and stopping the train when going downgrade is accomplished by the use of actual dynamic braking, which also extends the run time I get from the batteries.

I bought the model assembled and running, but painted in the Ontario Northland colour scheme. I just cleaned it up, put lights under the frame for the trucks and the fuel tanks, added lit number boards, painted and lettered it, and am now ready to roll, except for the fact I am currently building the plows for the pilots and the sunshades.

''Contributed by Rich Hayes''

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