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[!The Walcott Wreck!]

On 7-Aug-1988 at 1415h, the Rock Island Turn had completed setting out cars at Walcott and was returning to their train of 47 cars at milepost 194.9. For reasons unknown, the crew plowed the engines into their train at 9 mph, bending the frames on [[IAIS 308]], [[IAIS 483]], and [[IAIS 484]]. Total damage was reported to the FRA as $300k.

[[IAIS 308]] had such a severely bent frame that was scrapped as a result. [[IAIS 483 | 483]] and [[IAIS 484 | 484]] fared better, but still needed to go to Chrome Locomotive in Silvis to have their frames straightened. While there, both 483 and 484 were painted into IAIS colors.

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