Hawkeye Express
In 2004 and 2005 the University of Iowa was looking for better ways to get fans to the football games at Kinnick Stadium since parking was continuing to become sparse. The University leased the Ski-Train based out of Denver, CO to be used as a shuttle train between Coralville and Kinnick Stadium, a total distance of 3.3 miles. The IAIS laid rock at Vernon Siding (east of 25th Ave) to be used as "Coralville Station." The stairway at Kinnick Stadium down to the tracks were still in place from when the Rock Island ran their own football trains out of the Quad Cities and Des Moines.

The "Hawkeye Express" used two former Amtrak F40's and 11 of the Ski-Train cars all in a Rio Grande inspired paint scheme. The "Hawkeye Express" began shuttling fans to the game three hours before kick-off and began returning fans to Coralville at the start of the 4th quarter and ran about 1.5 hours after the game ended. Here are several views of the "Hawkeye Express" on the 3.3 mile stretch of track between Coralville and Kinnick Stadium plus a couple views of the dead-heading consist before the football season started.

In 2006, the Hawkeye Express got its own equipment, rather than borrowing the Ski Train from Ansco. The train is powered by Iowa Northern 678 (ex-Amtrak F40PH #241), painted in a Rock Island-inspired scheme. Behind the power are six former Metra/C&NW commuter coaches from Chicago, IL. The set includes a cab car for the half of the trip that comprises a reverse move.
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