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The Unofficial Iowa Interstate Photo Archive and Railfan's Guide is maintained primarily by Nathan Holmes and Michael Petersen. Both of us grew up watching the IAIS in action, Michael in Altoona, IA, and Nathan in Walcott, IA, and shortly after meeting at Iowa State University, we decided to start combining our old photography, scanning it, and publishing our photos online. That was 1996, and the IAIS site is now nearly a decade old. Thanks to the invaluable assistance of Allan Hunt, Joe Atkinson, Erik Rasmussen, the members of the Iowa-Interstate Yahoo group, and a cast of dozens of other contributors, we've built the site up to what it is today. Thank you all!

A point of clarification: This site has no official connection with the railroad. We're just a group of railroad enthusiasts and historians from various walks of life that have a common interest in this unique midwestern regional railroad. Please address any official business to the official IAIS website.

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Questions? Comments? Please email us at contact@iaisrailfans.org
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