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First, let's get the important disclaimers out of the way. is a fan site, not at all affiliated with Iowa Interstate Railroad. Other than being a group of supportive and interested fans, we have no official connection with them. Any and all Iowa Interstate trademarks are property of Iowa Interstate Railroad and Railroad Development Corporation. The rights to the so-called "Beaver Pelt" logo that's seen on the IAIS 500- and 700-series locomotives may possibly be partially held by Maytag, as they're the rights-holder of the old Rock Island trademark that the new image is derived from. Both parties have been extremely supportive of the railfan/modeling communities, and consequently don't take this negatively - we just haven't gotten around to asking them to be able to officially use them yet!

All the images and articles you see on this site are copyright by whoever is credited with them, and used with their knowledge and permission. Unless otherwise noted, you only get the fair use rights that nobody can deny you, the creator reserves all other rights. Essentially, that probably boils down to personal, private use only for most normal users. We're sorry that has to be the default policy, but unless we have explicit permission to the contrary from the rightsholder, that's the default imposed by current copyright law in most parts of the world. Now, to some of us, that seems a bit harsh and restrictive, so read on for exceptions...

BIG EXCEPTION: Anything credited to Nathan Holmes, Michael Petersen, or Michelle Thayer/Holmes can be used, modified, and reposted freely, providing it's a non-commercial application and we're credited appropriately. This comes from our long-standing personal belief that this is a better copyright policy for the railfan community as a whole. The old IAIS site was covered by the original RailARC Usage Policy, and in keeping with that same open spirit, anything copyright by those listed above is now available for use under a Creative Commons license. Really, this exception covers most of the stuff on the site at the moment.

IAIS engine iconAll images on this site are copyrighted by their respective creators, and used with permission.
All Iowa Interstate logos and trademarks are property of Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd. and Railroad Development Corporation.
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