IAIS SD38-2 #151

IAIS 151 leads RIIC at Walcott, IA, on 19-Oct-2008
By: Nathan D. Holmes
Built:Oct 1978 (EMD)
Frame #:786142-5
IAIS Acqd:28 Aug 2004
IAIS Paint:23 Sep 2005
Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 15123 Sep 2005Present
LLPX 2805???23 Sep 2005See LLPX 2805 lease unit page
GATX 1241??????
RSMX 1241Oct 1978???


  • The first four LLPX SD38-2s were leased around the time that the IAIS took over CRANDIC operations from Smith-Dows Yard? to Yocum Connection. They replaced gaggles of four-axle Iowa Interstate power needed to make the grades.
  • LLPX 2805 went to Mid-America Car in Kansas City, MO, to become IAIS 151, emerging on 23 Sep 2005. While being repainted, the units were equipped with SmartStart units, their remaining gyralites removed, and resulting gaps plated over.
Standard Roster Shots
Engineer's Side
IAIS 151 at West Liberty, IA, on 1-Jun-2006
Engineer's Side, Front 3/4
IAIS 151 at Walford, IA on 01-Jun-2006
Engineer's Side, Rear 3/4
IAIS 151 leading long hood forward on a westbound RIIC at Moscow, IA.  Taken 14-Oct-2008
IAIS 151 at Cedar Rapids, IA on 15-Mar-2006
Conductor's Side, Front 3/4
IAIS 151 and 604 at Newton, IA, on 30-Dec-2005
IAIS 151 at Twin States (west of Durant, IA) on 23 Nov 2005
IAIS 151 leads RIIC at Walcott, IA, on 19-Oct-2008
IAIS 151 at Iowa City, IA on 13-Nov-2005
IAIS 151 at Walford, IA on 15-Mar-2006
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