IAIS SW9 #162

Rock Island, IL. October 28, 1986.
By: Tim Fullbright
Built:Sep 1951 (EMD)
Frame #:4098-9
Builders #:14906
IAIS Acqd:???
IAIS Paint:Never
Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 1621986Aug 1987Acquisition date uncertain, but before Jan 1987.
SCL 162?????? 
ACL 680Sep 1951??? 


  • Unit did not last on IAIS for very long. The few photos in evidence are from the 1987-1989 period. Does not appear on most rosters, but as the photos show, it was labeled IAIS.
  • Leased from Diesel Supply of Hudson, WI. Was used as the Rock Island switcher, and was returned as soon as 250 was placed in service. (From Fred Cheney, via the IAIS list on 15 Jul 2008.)
Standard Roster Shots
Conductor's Side, Front 3/4
162 1-1-JUNE-87
Rock Island, IL.  October 28, 1986.
Conductor's Side, Rear 3/4
162 2-22-SEPT-87
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