IAIS GP9 #304

IAIS-304-councilbluffs ia-[unknown]-000
By: Joe Atkinson
Built:Sep 1955 (EMD)
Frame #:5407-5
Builders #:20750
IAIS Acqd:Sep 1986
IAIS Paint:Never
Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 304Sep 1986Sep 1987Retired/scrapped due to fire started in main generator
UP 3046 Jul 198418 Jul 1985Sold to PNC, then Helm
WP 729Sep 19556 Jul 1984 


  • Was equipped with 24-RL brakes and dual controls.
  • Due to a fire that started in the main generator, the engine was sidelined and stored in Council Bluffs.
  • On account of 24-month brake maintenance cycle on 24-RL brake equipment vs. 36-month on 26-L systems, the decision was made to part out 304 to fix other units. (Per former CMO Fred Cheney? via the IAIS list, 19 Nov 2004.)
  • Some parts went to repair IAIS 309 after the Altoona Wreck.
Standard Roster Shots
Engineer's Side, Front 3/4
IAIS-304-councilbluffs ia-[unknown]-000
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