IAIS QJ 2-10-2 #7081

IAIS 7081 in Rock Island, IL. October 18, 2008.
By: Erik Rasmussen
Model:QJ 2-10-2
Built:1986 (Datong)
Frame #:n/a
IAIS Acqd:Jun 2006
IAIS Paint:n/a
Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 70812014PresentDonated by RRDC/Iowa Interstate to the Central States Steam Preservation Association
IAIS 7081Jun 20062014May actually be owned by RRDC, but lettered IAIS
China Rwys 708119862006Worked on the Jitong Railway


  • IAIS 6988 and 7081 were brought to the US by Railroad Development Corp. to test the market for modern imported steam in the United States. See the QJ page for more information.
  • During the summer of 2011, both engines were modified to connect with tank car IAIS 8000 as an auxilliary water tender.
Standard Roster Shots
Engineer's Side, Front 3/4
IAIS 7081 in Rock Island, IL.  October 18, 2008.
Additional Roster / Detail Shots
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