IAIS GP8 #476 / 7976
Built:Mar 1953 (EMD)
Rebuilt:Oct 1969
Frame #:6496-9
Builders #:17735
IAIS Acqd:Jan 1985
IAIS Paint:Never
IAIS 476 / 7976 HISTORY
Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 476n/an/aNever renumbered from 7976
IAIS 7976Jan 1985Aug 2001 
ICG 7976Oct 1969Jan 1985Rebuilt to GP8 at Paducah and renumbered to 7976
IC 8976Mar 1953Oct 1969Built as GP7


  • IAIS 7976 suffered an engine failure early on (before 1987) and was set aside at Council Bluffs for parts. It would have been renumbered 476 if it had been repaired. Per former CMO Fred Cheney?, the failure was seized pistons that broke their connecting rods and damaged the block, caused by someone failing to properly align the "P" Pipes (piston cooling pipes) after changing several power assemblies.
  • Also per former CMO Cheney?, the engine was kept around as a possible platform for conversion to a Caterpillar 3606 prime mover. This project never got off the ground.
  • 7976 was scrapped in Aug 2001 to provide parts to repair IAIS 400 after the Coralville wreck.
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