IAIS GP38-2 #711

IAIS 711 in Stockton, IA, on 11 Nov 2004
By: Erik Rasmussen
Built:Jul 1972 (EMD)
Frame #:7354-45
Builder #:n/a
IAIS Acqd:14 Sep 2004
IAIS Paint:Sep 2004 (Phase IV)
Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 71114 Sep 2004PresentPainted and overhauled at MAC? before arrival
LLPX 2316???Sep 2004
UP 43219 May 2000???
UP 193223 Sep 199719 May 2000
EMDX 78415 Jul 198723 Sep 1997
CR 7984???15 Jul 1987
PC 7984Jul 1972???


  • 711 was returned to MAC? on 22 November 2004 for an engine swap. It was found to have chrome cylinder liners in the engine, which apparently are a known failure point. (Chrome liners require different rings, and are known for having ring seating / oil blow-by issues.) MAC? swapped the prime mover for one with cast liners in the power assemblies, and the unit was returned to IAIS on 31 Dec 2004.
Standard Roster Shots
Rock Island, IL. uly 4, 2006.
Engineer's Side, Front 3/4
IAIS 711 at Davenport, IA on 31-Dec-2004
Rock Island, IL.  November 5, 2010.
Engineer's Side, Rear 3/4
IAIS 711 at Moscow, IA on 01-Jan-2005
IAIS 711 at Davenport, IA on 31-Dec-2004
Conductor's Side, Front 3/4
IAIS 711 at Stockton, IA on 11-Nov-2004
Conductor's Side, Rear 3/4
Rock Island, IL.  October 13, 2011.
IAIS 711 at Rock Island, IL on 14-Sep-2005
Additional Roster / Detail Shots
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