IAIS GP38-2 #713

IAIS 713 at Davenport, IA on 27-Dec-200
By: Nathan D. Holmes
Built:Jul 1972 (EMD)
Frame #:7354-57
Builder #:n/a
IAIS Acqd:22 Dec 2004
IAIS Paint:Dec 2004 (Phase IV)
Rept MarksFromToNotes
IAIS 71322 Dec 2004PresentPainted and overhauled at MAC? before arrival
Suffered bent frame after collision at Atlantic, retired
Stored at Bluffs as parts source
LLPX 2320???Dec 2004
UP 43925 Mar 2001???
UP 193913 Dec 199725 Mar 2001
EMDX 79615 Jul 198713 Dec 1997
CR 7996???15 Jul 1987
PC 7996Jul 1972???
Standard Roster Shots
Conductor's Side, Front 3/4
IAIS 713 at Davenport, IA on 27-Dec-2005
Conductor's Side, Rear 3/4
IAIS 713 at Iowa City, IA on 18-Mar-2005
Additional Roster / Detail Shots
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