News From October 2005


Posted Monday, October 10, 2005
Last summer, IAIS leased four LLPX SD38-2s to handle the Cedar Rapids job taken over from the CRANDIC. Earlier this year, along with the news that IAIS would be keeping the CR job, it was announced that they would also be keeping the four SD38-2s. These units would be cycled through Mid-America Car in Kansas City for the installation of Smart Start systems, other assorted work, and repainting into IAIS 150-153. Once again, six axle motors will grace the ranks of Iowa Interstate units. The first two, 150 and 151, have been completed and arrived back on the property last Friday, 7-Oct-2005. Both units now have detailed entries in the Motive Power Roster.

Also, to handle the booming business, the IAIS has leased four ex-Union Pacific, ex-Missouri Pacific SD40-2s from the Ohio Central Railroad. All are still in various states of Union Pacific paint, and are numbered OHCR 4223, OHCR 9917, OHCR 9934, and OHCR 9940. Details on all four of these units have also been added to the Motive Power Roster, and photos will be added as we get them. - NDH

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