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IAIS to build new Locomotive Shop

Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Press Release from IAIS dated Dec 16, 2010:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa-The Iowa Interstate Railroad Ltd. (IAIS) will begin construction of a new locomotive servicing facility next spring. The building will be located just west of Homestead, Ia on 62 acres of land.

President & CEO Dennis H. Miller commented: "Due to our purchase of larger locomotives over the past several years, we find it necessary to build a new "state of the art" facility to service them. The new building will be equipped with overhead cranes and underground walkways to increase safety and efficiency. We have asked the building architects to incorporate "green" design features into the building as well. The building will accommodate up to 5 large locomotives, as well as include a wash bay and wheel change station. We hope to complete the facility by the end of 2011. Approximately 40 people will be employed at the new site."

Founded in 1984, IAIS is a regional rail carrier operating 600 miles between Omaha, Nebraska, and Chicago, Illinois, with connections to all major Class 1 carriers. Its headquarters are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Dennis Miller
President and CEO
Iowa Interstate Railroad Ltd. - FrankGrizel


Posted Saturday, December 11, 2010
Bob Sabbe spotted IAIS 721 being interchanged to the IC&E at Nahant Yard in Davenport his morning. Word from Erik Rasmussen via the IAIS List is that it will be going to Albia to be converted to a slug mother. It will then be mated with a slug built from IAIS 481, likely to be numbered IAIS 651. I haven't heard anything about 481 leaving the property yet, however, for its conversion.

Update (12/15, 2252h): Erik Rasmussen reminded me that, yes, 481 has indeed left the property. In fact it's been at Albia so long that I'd forgotten entirely. Turns out it left almost a year ago, on 4 Dec 2009. Erik's photos of it moving dead on CBBI-04 can be found [here]. - NDH


Posted Sunday, December 5, 2010
Welcome to the new! It's really largely the same as the last one - most of the upgrades were on the backend, allowing the site to actually be worked on by multiple people, rather than just by Michael and myself. As you may have noticed from the lack of updates over the last couple of years, the old model wasn't working out so well. Hopefully this will keep the site moving forward and avoid the stagnation problems we've had in the past when our lives get insanely busy.

If you find something not working, please let us know at The biggest thing missing at the moment are the diesel rosters and the roster photos. We're working on it, and hopefully within a month or so they'll be all back up. - NDH

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