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Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Iowa Interstate has placed an order for its first new motive power - a set of twelve 4400 horsepower, AC-traction General Electric ES44ACs. The units are being purchased to handle new traffic anticipated to come online in 2009, as well as for both for fuel and maintenance savings. All twelve are anticipated to be on the railroad by the first of October.

A PDF of the official IAIS press release can be found [here].

Current informed speculation is that the units will be numbered as IAIS 500-511. All of the existing 150s and 700s will be retained, though this likely spells the end for the remaining 400s as well as the two GMTX blue lease units. Over on the IAIS railfan list, John Ryan posted links to two conceptual designs for the paint on these units ([#1] and [#2]). Joe Atkinson reported to the list that rumor has it this isn't too far off from how the units will actually look. - NDH

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