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Posted Monday, August 28, 2006
On Thursday, 24-Aug-2006, Jerry Berwald announced on the Iowa Interstate list that not only had the two QJs been loaded with coal, but 7081 was actually fired up. Two days later, on Saturday, 26-Aug-2006, he spotted the two out near First Avenue in Iowa City under their own power. We're getting closer to actual test runs, but so far nothing's been announced. - NDH


Posted Friday, August 4, 2006
More sites have now popped up concerning the September 2006 QJ trips since the first one Michael posted. You can find the official Quad City Convention & Visitors Bureau site [here], detailing the full schedule, as well as prices and tie-in events. A quick check this afternoon shows that all of the classes for all of the various trips still have tickets available from the [261 website].

Also of note is an interesting feature with this trip - a $50 "Photographers Pass" listed on the Visitors Bureau site (but oddly, not on the 261 order page). I've heard a lot of questions about it, so I thought I'd pass some information along. It's main purpose is to give the chasing fan community a chance to support the Milwaukee 261 folks. 261 is due for a complete rebuild in 2007, which will, no doubt, be quite costly. This is a way for photographers, many of whom would rather chase than ride, to help contribute to the funds that keep mainline steam alive. Also, I've learned from the 261 message board that photo pass holders will be given any known details about the where and when of planned run-bys, so in addition to doing your part to keep mainline steam on the rails, you'll also be getting some helpful information in return.

As for the QJs themselves, they're still being put together in preparation for their return to service. On Thursday, 3-Aug-2006, the two were moved from their unloading site in Rock Island, IL, to the IAIS yard in Iowa City, IA, where work will continue. See photos of the move [here]. - NDH

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