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Posted Thursday, September 7, 2006
On Wednesday, 6-Sep-2006, QJ 6988 was placed on the front of IAIS's westbound Blue Island - Council Bluffs train as it departed Iowa City. The steamer lead the train as far west as the wye at Yocum Connection, just beyond Homestead. At that point, it was cut off and returned light to the Iowa City yard. You can see some of Tom McNair's photos of the move posted [here] in the Chinese QJ gallery.

Reports on the IAIS list indicate that it may be moved light from Iowa City to Rock Island as early as Thursday, 7-Sep-2006. 7081 will supposedly follow in 6988's footsteps, being attached to a westbound freight as early as Friday. My guess is that these are the freight test runs to satisfy the FRA, as mentioned in a number of the early press releases about these units. (Update Sep 7 13:00h) 7081's test run is now scheduled for Saturday morning's BICB, so figure a mid morning departure from IC.) - NDH

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