News From March 2005


Posted Tuesday, March 29, 2005
For those who aren't familiar with the name, Mr. Henry Posner III is the chairman of Railroad Development Corporation, Iowa Interstate's parent company. The Pittsburg Post-Gazette ran a short article on him today - you can read it online here. For those that have never read anything about him, or more significantly a few of the transcripts of speeches he's given, Mr. Posner is a fascinating individual - an insightful businessman, a career railroader, and a lifelong fan. If you have time, go check through the Position Papers section of RRDC's website - quite a few of his discussions of various railroad topics are posted there. You'll find enough there to keep you reading for hours. (Thanks to Justin Hardecopf for pointing this out on the IAIS list.) - NDH


Posted Sunday, March 13, 2005
The word on the IAIS list is that the M420Rs (800 - 802) have been sold off, and as such will be leaving the railroad soon. No idea when they'll be leaving exactly, but for anyone wanting to see them one more time, all three are stored at Council Bluffs. Thanks to Dave (DDA) for this bit. Update (29-Mar-2005): The Alcos are going to a good home - they'll be joining fellow M420s at the Southern Railroad of New Jersey, where they'll be repaired and placed back into regular service. - NDH


Posted Thursday, March 10, 2005
Joe A. has posted that IAIS has signed a ten year lease withn an option to buy for the LLPX SD38-2 units that run the Rock Island-Iowa City-Cedar Rapids trains. One by one, they'll be sent down to Mid-America Car in Kansas City to receive SmartStart units (same as the new 700s) and to be repainted into Iowa Interstate colors. It sure will be nice to see IAIS black on big six axle power again. - NDH

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